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That tricky first paper

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New group paper: Halogen behaviour in subduction zones: eclogite facies rocks from the Western and Central Alps After exactly 53 weeks of writing, revising, collecting new data and riding the emotional rollercoaster that is peer-reviewed publication, my first paper as … Continue reading

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New Group paper: The I-Xe chronometer and its constraints on the accretion and evolution of planetesimals

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Q: How do we date the sequence and timing of events in the early solar system? A: Using radiometric dating. Most of you have probably heard of carbon dating, which relies of the radioactive decay of one form of carbon, … Continue reading

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New paper about xenon and iodine in nanodiamonds

A waypoint in the journey from interstellar space to atmosphere. Article written by Jamie Gilmour. Minute quantities of xenon and iodine trapped in nanometre size grains of diamond found in meteorites tell a story about how the elements that make … Continue reading

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