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New Group Paper: Impact Shock State of the Lunar Highlands

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The Moon is approximately ~4.5 billion years old.  During this time it has experienced significant bombardment from asteroids and comets. Such high-velocity bombardment causes damage to the local bedrock through the passing of high pressure shock waves during the impact … Continue reading

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New paper by group member Katherine Joy about magnetite found on the Moon

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Newly published paper led by group member Katherine Joy discusses the discovery of an oxidised iron mineral found in a sample returned from the Moon by Apollo 16 astronauts.  Working with an international team of collaborators in the US and … Continue reading

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outReaching the new generation of planetary scientists

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Hello readers!! This past month Sarah, Mark and myself have had the pleasure of being involved in two secondary school visits to SEAES, both year 8 classes. Now I say pleasure but being both mine and Marks first school visits, … Continue reading

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Meeting a Moon Walker

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Being a lunar geologist pretty much nothing gets better than meeting someone who has walked on the Moon! Several members of the SEAES Isotope Group and I went to see a presentation by Charlie Duke, who was the Lunar Module … Continue reading

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