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From Chile to Manchester, and beyond! A lab season at the University of Cambridge

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I’m Javiera, a 2nd year PhD student, originally from Santiago, Chile. I studied my undergrad in Geology at the University of Chile, having the Andes as my training yard. I first came to Manchester in 2015 during my undergrad for … Continue reading

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New group paper: Chlorine isotope composition of Apollo 14 lunar rocks

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Chlorine belongs to a group of elements known as the halogens, which are important tracers to investigate questions related to planet formation processes or habitability, for example (more on that in this previous blog entry on halogens in chondrite meteorites). … Continue reading

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1st Year PhD Survival Training

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Each October the Isotope, Comochemistry and Geochemistry Group gains numerous new PhD students who conduct important research in fields ranging from studying particles which existed before our Solar System to understanding the process of tectonic subduction through noble gas analyses. … Continue reading

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New Group paper: The I-Xe chronometer and its constraints on the accretion and evolution of planetesimals

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Q: How do we date the sequence and timing of events in the early solar system? A: Using radiometric dating. Most of you have probably heard of carbon dating, which relies of the radioactive decay of one form of carbon, … Continue reading

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Geochemistry Group Research in Progress Meeting 2013

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On Thursday March 14th a few of the Isotope and Cosmochemistry research group traveled down in the very early hours of the day to The Open University in Milton Keynes to attend the Geochemistry Group Research in Progress Meeting.   Nat Curran, … Continue reading

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Never stop Exploring – Why do we study the Moon?

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First off I’ll let you into a secret, my names Natalie and I’m a lunar geologist. You guessed it, I study moon rocks, and by rocks I mean small samples of grains and ‘dust’, but awesome nevertheless. My job here … Continue reading

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Studying isotopes in meteorites with SADIE

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SADIE is our Nu Plasma Multi Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (or MC-ICP-MS for short). However, since even the shortened version of that is such a mouthful and all the other spectrometers have catchy names like RELAX and IDLE, … Continue reading

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