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Using these “lasers” we punch a hole…

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Austin Power’s nemesis Dr Evil was always up to no good, punching holes in ‘the protective layer around the Earth, which we scientists call the “Ozone Layer”’ with his ‘sophisticated heat beam which we called a “laser”’. Of course we … Continue reading

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RIMSKI – ‘Operation Pied Piper’

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Untangling the Confusion in the Laser Mass Spectrometry Lab…  Hello readers! Allow me to introduce myself, my name’s Mark and I’m one of the new additions to the research group this year. I’ll be working with the tuned laser spectrometers … Continue reading

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Dawn at Vesta

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As dawn is breaking on the UK tomorrow the Dawn spacecraft will have begun its year-long orbit of the asteroid Vesta. Data will start being gathered in August. Dawn is a ground-breaking mission, the first to orbit a main-belt asteroid … Continue reading

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Noble Gases

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What are noble gases? Why are we interested in them? And what do they tell us about how the earth and solar system formed? Helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon. These gases are very rare on Earth and in meteorites. … Continue reading

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