What have we learnt from lunar exploration?

There is a new interactive way to explore the Moon! The European Space Agency (ESA) have gathered a range of lunar scientists and exploration experts from across Europe to talk about what we know about the Moon from exploring with robotic … Continue reading

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D.I.N.G.U.E 4

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A number of the Earth & Solar System team attended the Developments In Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (DINGUE, or “Crackpot” in French) conference held in the beautiful city of Nancy in France last week; a chance for scientists to discuss new … Continue reading

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Interested in studying planetary science at university level (and beyond…)?

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Have you always had a fascination with space and wondered how the Earth fits into our understanding of how planets form and evolve through time? Have you ever wondered what the conditions were for life to start and how geological … Continue reading

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Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2016

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This time last week most of the country was enjoying an extra day off work. Some of us were also grateful for the extra day to get over jet lag before going back to work, having just returned from the … Continue reading

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What are the next steps in exploring the Moon?

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European Space Agency – Solar System manned exploration plans – part 2 As outlined in our previous blog post (here) international space agencies are working together to map out the possible architectures for the next phase of exploration activities including … Continue reading


Fireball event seen across Scotland

You may have seen news reports about a meteor event that was witnessed in Scotland on Monday (29th Feb 2016) night at about 6.30 pm. Fireball events such as this represent the entry of a small body (likely an asteroid, … Continue reading

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Scattered Moonlight: Research by members of the Manchester Astronomical Society

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Our friends over at the Manchester Astronomical Society have a new research paper out about using moonlight to understand the mineralogy and geological makeup of the surface of the Moon. —————— Polarimetry of moonlight: a new method for determining the refractive index … Continue reading

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New paper by group members: Are there meteorites trapped just below the surface of the ice in Antarctica?

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As many of you know many of our group’s research activities involving studying samples from asteroids and planetary surfaces that have been delivered to Earth as meteorites. Meteorites are recovered on Earth either as ‘falls’, when they are witnessed falling as … Continue reading

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New paper by group members – sampling the mantle in Antarctica

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*article written by Dr. Michael Broadley and Prof. Ray Burgess. The Earth’s mantle makes up more than 80% of the Earth by volume and has controlling influence on the generation of the Earth’s crust, the oceans and the atmosphere. The … Continue reading

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Looking forward to LPSC 2016 conference

As you may have seen here we have been rather busy getting our research ready to present for the upcoming 2016 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, which will be held in Houston, Texas in March. This is one of the … Continue reading

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