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Mark is a PhD student in the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group at UoM. Primarily working on the RIMSKI and RELAX noble gas instruments.

New Horizons and beyond!

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Launched from Cape Canaveral nine years ago, the New Horizons probe is preparing for its monumental flyby of the Pluto system today. The flight of the probe has taken it past the likes of Mars and Jupiter, which provided it … Continue reading

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Metsoc 2014

Hello! The Meteoritical Society Conference  2014 kicks off today and we have a contingent of researchers here to bring you some of the exciting research finding that are being presented. Keep an eye on our twitter feed (@Earthsolarsystm) and here … Continue reading

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Meteorites: photographs of the solar system

Planetary scientists are often found droning on about meteorites, but what makes them so interesting and useful to study? To explain this, we have to understand what a meteorite actually represents to scientists. This can be most easily described by … Continue reading

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Time for a change…

Hello readers! We’re hard at work at the moment, developing new and exciting posters and event goodies for you- but we want your input! What are the questions that burn in your mind? What areas of planetary science would you … Continue reading

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The Northern Lights go South!

A very quick note from me to all you avid stargazers: A Coronal Mass Ejection was released from the Sun a couple of days ago. That mass ejection was directed towards Earth. But what does that mean to all of … Continue reading

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(I want to apologise for the horrific pun I used in the title, I couldn’t help myself!) I was originally going to edit the previous blog post I put up after the NASA hangout last night, but it would appear … Continue reading

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Lost: 1 Comet, Answers to the Name ISON

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Hello everyone! I’ve just finished watching the amazing NASA Hangout: Comet ISON LIVE and what a turbulent experience it has been. You’ll probably be aware that sadly, comet ISON did not survive its passage through the outer region of the … Continue reading

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ISON : The Comet of The Century

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By now, I’m sure you will have all heard of ISON (No, it’s not a new gadget from Apple), the sun grazing comet that is being hailed as the comet of the century. Even if the name isn’t familiar to you, … Continue reading

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Live from Jodrell Bank

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The transmissions have been broadcast, the crowds satiated and the science explained. Last weekend saw the closing of this summer’s series of Live from Jodrell Bank concerts. Throughout the series we have seen the likes of headline acts Australian Pink … Continue reading

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