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About John Pernet-Fisher

John is a researcher within the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group, and has a love of all things lunar!

BPSC Highlights

Last week the team headed down to Oxford to attend the 2nd British Planetary Science conference.  It was an excellent showcase of all the the fantastic science that is going on in the UK at the momment, induding talks and … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Cast Season 1

We hope you enjoyed the first season of the Cosmic Cast, thanks to all our guests who came on this year! All our episodes are now available to stream on Spotify and iTunes:   If there are any topics you … Continue reading

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Bluedot 2019

We’ve all just got back from the Bluedot science and music festival held at the Jodrell Bank Observatory. Despite all the rain, we had a great time! Check out our highlights here:     If you want to go next … Continue reading

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European Lunar Symposium

The past week a number of us have been at the European Lunar Symposium, here in Manchester. Over 100 scientists from across Europe gathered to discuss all things Lunar. The range of talks was fantastic! From Lunar geochemistry to Lunar … Continue reading

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We’re doing a Q&A!!

Got a burning question for a bunch of planetary scientists? On next week’s Cosmic Cast we’ll be doing a Q&A! Comment in the YouTube video below or tweet us a question (@EarthSolarSystm) by Friday and we’ll do our best to … Continue reading

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New Group Paper: Evidence of chemical heterogeneity within Lunar anorthosite parental magmas

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The Moon’s crust is very old. Formed over 4.3 billion years ago, it represents the primary lunar crust. Made up of a rocks called anorthosite (> 95 modal % Ca-rich plagioclase; see below), it makes up the light-grey areas seen … Continue reading

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50th Birthday of Allende

Last month today marked the 50th birthday of the meteorite Allende. An observed fall in Mexico, this meteorite turned out to be a very special find, often earning the moniker of ‘the best-studied meteorite in history.’ We caught up with … Continue reading

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Check out our YouTube channel!

We’ve launched a YouTube channel! In the coming weeks we’ll be posting videos about some of the cool science we get up to at Manchester. We’ll also be talking about all the cool meteorites we have in our collection. You’ll … Continue reading

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45 years since Apollo 17 – LPSC 2018

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Group members John Pernet-Fisher and Ricci Bahia are back from the 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) at the Woodland, Texas.  Hot weather, good Mexican food, and jam-packed talks on planetary science made for a memorable time! Below are … Continue reading

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New Group Paper: Impact Shock State of the Lunar Highlands

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The Moon is approximately ~4.5 billion years old.  During this time it has experienced significant bombardment from asteroids and comets. Such high-velocity bombardment causes damage to the local bedrock through the passing of high pressure shock waves during the impact … Continue reading

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