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Lunar Meteorites – where are they all?

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Last week we received the news that one of our group members and collaborators have been funded to go meteorite hunting in Antarctica (read more about it here). The expedition is focused around the missing iron meteorites; compared to the other … Continue reading

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New exciting meteorite project

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  We are involved with a new exciting project to go and search for meteorites in Antarctica! You may well have seen our previous blog about a study looking into the possibility of there being some missing types of iron … Continue reading

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New paper about the lunar crust by group members

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The Lunar Highlands: Old Crust, New Ideas * This new review article by group members John Pernet-Fisher and Katherine Joy outlines how our understanding of lunar crustal formation has evolved over the past few decades. Mankind first set foot on the Moon … Continue reading

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ASB6 – Recap

Three days of talks and discussion are over and I’m on the train back home so its time for a recap. Astrobiology is a very diverse subject but can pretty much be summarised in three questions: Where do we come … Continue reading

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NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion Capsule – A new era of space travel?

As many of you know, a large area of our group’s research is based around extra-terrestrial materials; interplanetary dust particles, meteorites and lunar rocks to name just a few. As such, we are highly interested in the future of manned … Continue reading

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Open Science

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Most people with a passing interest in technology will be familiar with the concept of “open source” products. This is where all the inner details of a piece of software or technological work is shared openly with anybody wishing to … Continue reading

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Impact Craters on Earth – Bosumtwi in Ghana

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The great thing about being a geologist is that you often get to travel around the world to do fieldwork or visit a museum or attend a research conference. Sometimes the reverse situation happens – when you are on holiday … Continue reading

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Meteorites: photographs of the solar system

Planetary scientists are often found droning on about meteorites, but what makes them so interesting and useful to study? To explain this, we have to understand what a meteorite actually represents to scientists. This can be most easily described by … Continue reading

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The ‘Plutonium Problem’

Hello Readers!  Following the exciting news of the Chang’e 3 successfully landing on the moon, I thought I’d focus a little more on what is powering the little rover as it makes its way over the lunar surface. Chang’e 3 … Continue reading

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(I want to apologise for the horrific pun I used in the title, I couldn’t help myself!) I was originally going to edit the previous blog post I put up after the NASA hangout last night, but it would appear … Continue reading

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