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Lunar eclipse

I’m not really a morning person. After being woken by the alarm every morning during the week, I usually like a bit of a lie in on a Saturday morning. But not yesterday morning, yesterday I was up even earlier … Continue reading

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How to heat a solar system

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This post was written by Prof Jamie Gilmour Around 4.5 billion years ago the sun formed when part of a huge cloud of gas and dust began to collapse.  If you could go back in time at look at what … Continue reading

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Introductions from our 1st Year PhD students

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Over the past few months, 3 PhD students have joined our research group. Read on to see what projects they’ll be working on during the next 3 years and to find out about upcoming PhD projects starting in 2019. Marissa … Continue reading

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European Space Agency Sample Analogue Curation Facility

I recently visited the European Space Agency (ESA) at the Harwell campus in Oxfordshire with Katherine Joy, Romain Tartèse, and fellow PhD student Gunter Just. Harwell is the site of the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), ESA’s … Continue reading

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The Moon as a Potential Resource

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The Moon is likely the next destination for human exploration of the Solar System. There will be a need to sustain humans for a long-duration on its surface, and many people are raising some interesting questions about what resources the … Continue reading

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New group paper about a recently discovered lunar meteorite

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This blog post has been written by PhD student Xiaojia Zeng, who visited the group in 2016 on a Chinese Academy of Sciences placement. Xiaojia previously wrote a great blog for us about China’s lunar exploration programme, and Katie Joy visited … Continue reading

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Meteorites in China

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Of the 57041 named meteorites that have been recovered on Earth, only 239 have been recovered from China. This is somewhat of an oddity as China has the 4th largest surface area of a country with about 9.6 million square … Continue reading

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Research visit to China

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In 2016 we had a visiting student Xiaojia Zeng who was funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to come to Manchester for six months and study in our group. He is based in the Lunar and Planetary Science Center … Continue reading

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New group paper: Granular avalanches on the Moon: Mass-wasting conditions, processes and features

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This blog was written by Prof. Peter Kokelaar (formally Liverpool University) and Ricci Bahia (University of Manchester SEES PhD student) about a new paper published in JGR-Planets.  —————————————————————- The Moon is believed to have formed from the same giant impact event that … Continue reading

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New Group Papers about the Behaviour of Fluids on the Parent Bodies of Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites

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This blog has been written by group member Dr Rhian Jones ————————————————————————— Ordinary chondrites are the most common type of meteorite that lands on the Earth. They are pieces of asteroids that were knocked free by collisions, and then wandered … Continue reading

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