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Goodbye Rosetta

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Yesterday we bid a fond farewell to the European Space Agency‘s (ESA’s) Rosetta mission, after 12 and a half year hurtling 7.9 billion km through space. The Rosetta spacecraft launched in March 2004, on a 10 year journey to Comet … Continue reading

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A Night at Tatton Park with Stargazing Live!

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Hello Readers! Last week heralded the latest three programs of the BBC Stargazing Live TV show. New to this series were a variety of events run in tandem with the shows across the UK. We had the privilege of taking … Continue reading

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Cookin’ Up a Comet

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Manchester Science Festival is rapidly approaching, and we are busy planning and preparing our activities for the Meteorite Day on Monday 29th October. One of the things we want to show visitors is a “real” comet, based on NASA’s Cookin’ … Continue reading

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Interplanetary Dust: A Sneaky Way to Study Comets.

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It is estimated that Earth accumulates around 30,000 tonnes of space dust each year. These dust particles are so tiny, that their movement through the solar system can be affected simply by the light from the sun. The light causes … Continue reading

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Stardust workshop at Timber Cove, California (Feb. 4 to 9, 2011)

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The focus of this meeting was to discuss recent results from the Stardust mission which was the first space mission ever to collect and return cometary material (from comet 81P/Wild 2) and contemporary interstellar dust in 2006. Material collection was … Continue reading

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Stardust-NExT meets Comet Temple 1.

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Stardust-NExT is the reborn Stardust spacecraft that flew past Comet Wild II in 2004 and returned cometary grains to Earth in 2007.  After it successfully achieved its primary mission it was sent to observe Comet Temple 1 that had an … Continue reading

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