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New group paper about ‘Miller Range 11100 Meteorite: a Piece of Asteroid Vesta’

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The following blog post has been written by Tim Gregory, who is undertaking a PhD at the University of Bristol. Tim is a recent graduate of our MSci Geology with Planetary Science degree programme, and his new paper, just published in … Continue reading

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Visit to the Ries impact crater in Germany

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You may have seen the recent news about the near-Earth flyby of a 2.7 km asteroid. Fortunately the rock missed collision with the Earth, and continued its journey around the Solar System. However, in the past Earth has not been … Continue reading

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Weekly News Round-up 11.04.13

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Hello readers! Welcome to this week’s news round-up. We’ve had a very exciting week here in Manchester, including receiving a variety of new and interesting samples. Sadly, the spectrometers are still not working completely but we are several steps closer to getting … Continue reading

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I’ve just seen something in the sky! What do I call it?!

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Naming Your Near Earth Object Sighting! Many of the recent Russian meteorite related comments being banded round by the media and things like twitter that are just plain wrong, I though I’d post a … Continue reading

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Weekly News Round-up 15.02.13

Good morning! Its been yet another busy week in the lab here in Manchester. I’ve been zapping pieces of pyroxene from the Allegan and Dhofar 125 meteorites with my laser, and getting lovely I-Xe isochrons from them. Anyway, here are … Continue reading

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Dawn at Vesta

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As dawn is breaking on the UK tomorrow the Dawn spacecraft will have begun its year-long orbit of the asteroid Vesta. Data will start being gathered in August. Dawn is a ground-breaking mission, the first to orbit a main-belt asteroid … Continue reading

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