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Comets: Atmospheres, water, and life?

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Comets may have brought the water that gave rise to the oceans, the atmosphere, and potentially life to Earth. Continue reading

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New group paper about ‘Water subduction in the mantle’

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The following blog has been written by group member Prof. Ray Burgess about a new paper to be published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters ————————————– Water is carried into subduction zones with the subducting oceanic plate either as sedimentary pore … Continue reading

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D.I.N.G.U.E 4

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A number of the Earth & Solar System team attended the Developments In Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (DINGUE, or “Crackpot” in French) conference held in the beautiful city of Nancy in France last week; a chance for scientists to discuss new … Continue reading

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New paper by group members – sampling the mantle in Antarctica

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*article written by Dr. Michael Broadley and Prof. Ray Burgess. The Earth’s mantle makes up more than 80% of the Earth by volume and has controlling influence on the generation of the Earth’s crust, the oceans and the atmosphere. The … Continue reading

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Meteorites: photographs of the solar system

Planetary scientists are often found droning on about meteorites, but what makes them so interesting and useful to study? To explain this, we have to understand what a meteorite actually represents to scientists. This can be most easily described by … Continue reading

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PhD Fieldwork in Iceland: A Tale of Fire and Ice

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The last few blog posts have been out of this world, so I thought this week I would bring it down to Earth and tell you about the fieldwork I have been carrying out in Iceland for my PhD. My … Continue reading

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Weekly News Round-up 11.04.13

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Hello readers! Welcome to this week’s news round-up. We’ve had a very exciting week here in Manchester, including receiving a variety of new and interesting samples. Sadly, the spectrometers are still not working completely but we are several steps closer to getting … Continue reading

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NASA’s Genesis Mission: The Science

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Last year I wrote a few posts about NASA’s Genesis mission, explaining some of the background to the mission and why we need to know more about the original composition of the material our Solar System formed from. I wrote … Continue reading

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Halogens within the Earth and Solar System

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Halogens have been a widely underutilized geochemical tool. Only now are we seeing the potential that halogens have to answer deep unresolved questions like How did they Earth form from meteorites? And how does the Earths volatiles get transported and stored. The … Continue reading

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Using these “lasers” we punch a hole…

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Austin Power’s nemesis Dr Evil was always up to no good, punching holes in ‘the protective layer around the Earth, which we scientists call the “Ozone Layer”’ with his ‘sophisticated heat beam which we called a “laser”’. Of course we … Continue reading

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