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About Katherine Joy

Hello! I am Katherine Joy. I am part of the University of Manchester Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. More details about my research interests can be found at

Mass Spectrometer 1

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This post was written by Prof. Grenville Turner FRS who set up the Isotope Group when he moved from Sheffield to Manchester in 1986. Grenville was one of the original UK Apollo sample and Luna sample Pricipal Investigators, and has trained … Continue reading

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50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2019

Several of us are off at the end of this week to the 50th LPSC conference in Houston Texas. This meeting will celebrate 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission returned samples from the Moon, along with research being presented … Continue reading

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Antarctic meteorite search plans

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We have previously posted about the upcoming UK Antarctic meteorite search expedition that is being led through a collaboration with researchers from the University of Manchester supported by the Leverhulme Trust and the British Antarctic Survey. They are now posting … Continue reading

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Meteorite smorgasbord

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We were fortunate to have meteorite expert Dr Tony Irving from the University of Washington visit our group at the start of September 2018. Tony is a terrestrial geologist by training, and over the last twenty years has undertaken the … Continue reading

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First light on new Manchester meteor observation camera

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Earlier this year we installed a new meteor all sky view camera at the University of Manchester. The camera was donated by Jim Rowe to Ashley King, who is a research scientist at the Natural History Museum in London and … Continue reading

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The Moon as a Potential Resource

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The Moon is likely the next destination for human exploration of the Solar System. There will be a need to sustain humans for a long-duration on its surface, and many people are raising some interesting questions about what resources the … Continue reading

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Meteorites in Paris

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There is a currently a fantastic exhibition in the Paris Natural History Museum (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle) on Meteorites: From Sky to Earth. Due to run until mid June this year, with a possible extended run, anyone with an interest in … Continue reading

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New group paper about a recently discovered lunar meteorite

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This blog post has been written by PhD student Xiaojia Zeng, who visited the group in 2016 on a Chinese Academy of Sciences placement. Xiaojia previously wrote a great blog for us about China’s lunar exploration programme, and Katie Joy visited … Continue reading

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Searching for meteorites in the Atacama desert

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In October 2017 Drs Katherine Joy and Romain Tartese from the SEES Isotope Group joined a joint French-Chilean led expedition to the Atacama desert in Chile to search and recover meteorites that will be used for scientific analysis. The trip … Continue reading

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New group paper: Halogens in chondritic meteorites and terrestrial accretion

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This blog has been written by group member Dr Patricia Clay ——————————————————————————- Reduced salt is key in Earth’s new recipe  How the Earth acquired its volatile elements, like water, has long interested scientists because they are important in influencing not … Continue reading

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