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New Group Paper: A new look at volatile elements in a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite found on the Moon

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The Moon’s surface is covered by a layer of soil, known as regolith. This is an important boundary between the Moon and the surrounding space environment, where there are records of the Moon’s interaction with the solar wind, cosmic rays … Continue reading

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50th Birthday of Allende

Last month today marked the 50th birthday of the meteorite Allende. An observed fall in Mexico, this meteorite turned out to be a very special find, often earning the moniker of ‘the best-studied meteorite in history.’ We caught up with … Continue reading

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Earth and Solar System on Instagram

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Just a quick post to let you know that we’re branching out into the world of Instagram – so if you like pictures of rocks, space rocks, and general earth and planetary science related goodness why not checkout our new … Continue reading

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New group paper: Investigating the origin of carbonaceous chondrite organics through oxygen isotopes

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The origin of organic matter found in water- and carbon-rich meteorites, known as carbonaceous chondrites, which formed during the birth of the Solar System around 4.55 billion years ago, may provide important clues to understanding how life originated here on … Continue reading

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BPSC and UKPF conferences, Glasgow 2017, from the perspective of an undergraduate

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This blog post was written by Zoe Morland, a 3rd year undergraduate student on the Geology with Planetary Science course. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Last week I embarked on … Continue reading

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Searching for meteorites in the Atacama desert

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In October 2017 Drs Katherine Joy and Romain Tartese from the SEES Isotope Group joined a joint French-Chilean led expedition to the Atacama desert in Chile to search and recover meteorites that will be used for scientific analysis. The trip … Continue reading

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New ‘Meteorite hunt!’ activity

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Earth and Solar System has a new fun activity called ‘Meteorite hunt!’ we have been trialing with group members and put into practice at the Science Museum Lates event last Wednesday in London. Funded by a grant from the Royal … Continue reading

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A day out in Bakewell with CBeebies Stargazing!

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It’s that time of year again – Stargazing Live will be on BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. This year Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain have swapped Jodrell Bank for Siding Springs Observatory in Australia, so … Continue reading

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New group paper about ‘Miller Range 11100 Meteorite: a Piece of Asteroid Vesta’

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The following blog post has been written by Tim Gregory, who is undertaking a PhD at the University of Bristol. Tim is a recent graduate of our MSci Geology with Planetary Science degree programme, and his new paper, just published in … Continue reading

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‘Catch a Shooting Star’ – New Display at the Manchester Museum

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Ever wanted to put your hand on Mars, the Moon or an asteroid and can’t wait for commercial spaceflight to one day fly you there as a space tourist? Well imagine no longer, you can get your hands on amazing … Continue reading

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