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Curious but complex

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NASAs Curiosity rover has been having a slight breather having driven over 100 m from the Bradbury landing site. This pause has provided engineers with an important opportunity to fully extend and test the rovers 2m long robotic arm. The … Continue reading

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A busy week

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The past week has seen NASAs Curiosity rover return more amazing images of the Gale crater, fire up its DAN and SAM instruments, and take its first steps towards Mt. Sharp. The new images, captured using the 100mm telephoto lens … Continue reading

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Full speed ahead

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NASAs Curiosity rover has made its first test drive on Mars. On sol 16 the rover moved forward 4.5m, turned 120°, and finally reversed 2.5m, leaving behind a series of visible tracks at the Bradbury (recently named after the writer Ray … Continue reading

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All systems (almost) go!

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NASAs Curiosity rover has successfully analyzed its first Martian rock using the ChemCam! Although only a test, the chemical composition of a nearby rock, named “Coronation”, was determined by firing a laser at its surface and observing the colours of … Continue reading

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