Lost: 1 Comet, Answers to the Name ISON

Hello everyone! I’ve just finished watching the amazing NASA Hangout: Comet ISON LIVE and what a turbulent experience it has been. You’ll probably be aware that sadly, comet ISON did not survive its passage through the outer region of the Sun. It’s a real shame that we won’t be seeing the light show that was so widely anticipated throughout the lead up to this perihelion point.

That’s not to say that we won’t be able to glean any information from this year long observation of ISON. The approach and the interaction of the coma (or comet’s tail) with the Sun’s magnetic field has provided scientists with plenty to work with for quite awhile!

The SDO has not seen any sign of the comet emerging from the other side of the Sun but all the data and footage of this event is still available for you to watch. I will add links to this post as they become available.

**EDIT: There are rumours abound that say ISON has survived, at least partially. Evidence being provided by a SOHO image, shown below.

ISON: Maybe... just maybe... It lives? (Image credit: NASA)

ISON: Maybe… just maybe… It lives? (Image credit: ESA/NASA)


About Mark Nottingham

Mark is a PhD student in the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group at UoM. Primarily working on the RIMSKI and RELAX noble gas instruments.
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2 Responses to Lost: 1 Comet, Answers to the Name ISON

  1. riz@riz.com says:

    why not a full video time lapse, perhaps a cover up

    • Mark Nottingham says:

      I assure you, there is no cover up – We are trying to get images out as soon as possible but with the amount of server traffic to all the ISON sites I can find, it’s proving hard to maintain a stable download link!

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