The LPSC that never was!

Unfortunately due to recent global events, this year the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) was canceled, which means no hot-wings or margaritas for us! Despite the cancellation check out our twitter (@EarthSolarSystm) where we are live tweeting the talks and posters we would have been presenting!

Rather than let all the hard work preparing for this meeting going to waste, on this weeks Cosmic Cast some of the Manchester team talk to us about the science that they would have presented:

The following abstracts would have been presented by group members at the meeting:

Avice G., Gilmour J. D., Moreira M. Large Scale Nucleosynthetic Heterogeneities Across the Solar System Identified by Xenon[#1042]

Blance A. J., Meyer H. M., Stopar J. D., Schenk P. M., Searching for Impact Melt in the Ejecta of Occator Crater, Ceres[#2963]

Bell S. K., Joy K. H., Pernet-Fisher J. F., Hartley M. E. Timescales of Magma Transfer in Apollo 15 Mare Basalts Obtained Through Fe-Mg Diffusion Modelling in Olivine Crystals[#1443]

Fagan A. L., Joy K. H., Hall M., Recchuiti E. M., Utterback C., Roberts S. E. Lunar Regolith Breccia Meteorite Northwest Africa 8783: Clast Diversity with Implications for Bombardment History and Crustal Evolution[#2892]

Farrant B. E., Holland G., Jones R. H., Burgess R. Volatile Loss and Retention During Impact Melting in the Chico L6 Chondrite [#2142]

Harvey T. A., Joy K. H., Jones R. H., Gholinia A. Geochemical and Textural Analysis of Metal Particles Entrained in Impact Melt in CBa Chondrite Gujba [#2184]

Harvey T. A., Joy K. H., Jones R. H., MacArthur J. L. Photogrammetry for Creating High Fidelity 3-D Models of Geological and Meteorite Samples [#2103]

Halim S. H., Crawford I. A., Collins G. S., Joy K. H. Using Numerical Modelling to Assess Biomarker Survival in Terrestrial Material Impacting the Lunar Surface [#1414]

Lewis J. A., Christoffersen R., Jones R. H. Asteroid Cooling Rates Indicated by K-Feldspar Exsolution Textures in H4 Ordinary Chondrites [#2127]

Lo M., La Spina G., Burton M., Joy K. H., Polacci M. Modelling the Ascent and Eruption of Picritic Lunar Magmas [#1044]

Morlok, A., Charlier B., Renggli C., Klemme S., Namur O., Sohn M., Martin D., Weber I., Stojic A. N., Joy, K. H., Wogelius R., Carli C., Reitze M. P., Bauch K. E., Hiesinger H., Helbert J. Mid-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy of Glass Analogs for the BepiColombo Mission[#2220]

Pernet-Fisher J. F., Harvey T. A., Lo M., Carter E., Bahia R. The Cosmic Cast: Communicating Planetary Sciences to General Audiences [#1378]

Pernet-Fisher J. F., Nottingham M., Curran N. M., Joy K. H. Cosmic-Ray Exposure Histories of Th-Rich Lunar Regolith Breccias [#1376]

Robert F., Tartese R., Lombardi G., Reinhardt P., Roskosz M., Doismeau B., Deng Z., Chaussidon M. Mass-Independent Fractionation of Titanium Isotopes in Plasma [#1474]

Smith A., Jones R. H. Experimental Constraints on Formation Conditions of Silica-Rich Igneous Rims Around Chondrules in CR Chondrites[#2164]

Stephant A., Anand M., Tartese R., Zhao X., Degli-Alessandrini G., Franchi I. A. The Abundance and Isotopic Composition of Hydrogen in Lunar Melt Inclusions [#1995]

About John Pernet-Fisher

John is a researcher within the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group, and has a love of all things lunar!
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