European Lunar Symposium

The past week a number of us have been at the European Lunar Symposium, here in Manchester. Over 100 scientists from across Europe gathered to discuss all things Lunar. The range of talks was fantastic! From Lunar geochemistry to Lunar resource utilization, it’s great to see how active the Lunar science community is. An incredible 12 abstracts were submitted by group member (check out the citations below).

To find out more about what we got up to at the conference, check out our Vlog:


At the start of the week Dr. Jim Green (NASA’s chief scientist) gave a public lecture about the importance of the Moon. If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch a recording here:


The website with all the abstracts can be found here:

Group member abstracts:

Bell S. K., Hartley M. E., Joy K. H., Pernet-Fisher J. F. Crystal Size Distribution Analysis of Apollo 15 Mare Basalts: New Methods and Some Recommendations.

Fagan T. J., Egawa Y, Nagaoka H., Tartèse R. Magmatic Stages Within Olivine Cumulate Gabbro of The NWA773 Clan and Volatile Elements in Residual Liquids Recorded by Apatite.

Halim S. H., Crawford I. A., Collins G. S., Joy K. H. Assessing the Survivability of Terrestrial Material Impacting the Lunar Surface.

Harvey T. A., Joy K. H., Jones R. H. Geochemical and Textural Comparison of Metal Particles in Lunar and Asteroidal Meteoritic Samples: A Window to Impactor Chemistry

Just G. H., Smith K, Joy K. H., Roy M. Critical Review of Regolith Excavation Techniques for Lunar in Situ Resource Utilisation and Suggested Experimental Parameters.

Lo M., Burton M, Joy K. H., La Spina G, Polacci M. Determining the Volatile History of The Moon Through Geomorphological Studies of Eruption Deposits and Modelling of Volcanic Processes

McCanaan K., Joy K. H., Jones R. H., Martain D. J. P. Exploring the Lunar Regolith At the Microscale.

Morland Z. S., Joy K. H., Gholinia A., Degli Alessandrini G., Metal Impactor Fragment Found in Lunar Regolith Breccia Meteorite North West Africa 10989.

Pernet-Fisher J. F., Deloule E., Joy K. H., Trace-Element Systematics of Highland Anorthosites: Implications for Understanding the Formation of The Lunar Crust.

Pernet-Fisher J. F., Clay P. L., Burgess R., Joy K. H., Halogen (Cl, Br, I) Systematics of Lunar Ferroan Anorthosites: Evidence for Subchondritc Lunar Volatiles.

Turner G., Looking Back 50 years to Apollo 11.

Wang N., Tartèse R., Darling J. R., Joy K. H., Pernet-Fisher J. F., Lin Y. T. Mineralogical Characteristics Of U-Pb Datable Minerals in Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 2995: Implication for Its Multi-Impact History.

About John Pernet-Fisher

John is a researcher within the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group, and has a love of all things lunar!
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