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50th Birthday of Allende

Last month today marked the 50th birthday of the meteorite Allende. An observed fall in Mexico, this meteorite turned out to be a very special find, often earning the moniker of ‘the best-studied meteorite in history.’ We caught up with … Continue reading

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New group paper: Investigating the origin of carbonaceous chondrite organics through oxygen isotopes

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The origin of organic matter found in water- and carbon-rich meteorites, known as carbonaceous chondrites, which formed during the birth of the Solar System around 4.55 billion years ago, may provide important clues to understanding how life originated here on … Continue reading

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New Group Paper about the Origin of Chondrules

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This blog has been written by group member Dr Rhian Jones —————————————— Chondrules are small round stony beads that are the main component of chondrite meteorites. They date to within about 2 million years of the formation of the solar … Continue reading

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