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A new LA-ICP-MS lab in Manchester

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Exciting times in Manchester! A few months ago we were awarded a grant by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council to equip ourselves with a new piece of kit. The system comprises an excimer laser (LA) hooked up to … Continue reading

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New group paper: Old formation ages of igneous clasts on the L chondrite parent body reflect an early generation of planetesimals or chondrule formation

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The Barwell meteorite is the largest British meteorite. It was seen to fall over Leicestershire on Christmas eve (24th December) 1965, and a total mass of 44 kg has been recovered. The interesting thing about Barwell is that it contains … Continue reading

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PhD Fieldwork in Iceland: A Tale of Fire and Ice

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The last few blog posts have been out of this world, so I thought this week I would bring it down to Earth and tell you about the fieldwork I have been carrying out in Iceland for my PhD. My … Continue reading

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