Lunar Mission One

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You may have seen news stories about a new crowdsourcing venture to develop a mission to visit the Moon called Lunar Mission One. They are trying to raise funds to start an industry study to develop a robotic lander on … Continue reading

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Impact Craters on Earth – Bosumtwi in Ghana

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The great thing about being a geologist is that you often get to travel around the world to do fieldwork or visit a museum or attend a research conference. Sometimes the reverse situation happens – when you are on holiday … Continue reading

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Manchester Science Festival 2014

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Hello readers! Sorry we’ve been so quiet recently. Busy busy in the lab, with very little time to catch up on other things. Just a quick note to remind you that the Manchester Science Festival begins today, and there’ll be … Continue reading

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Metsoc 2014

Hello! The Meteoritical Society Conference  2014 kicks off today and we have a contingent of researchers here to bring you some of the exciting research finding that are being presented. Keep an eye on our twitter feed (@Earthsolarsystm) and here … Continue reading

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Meteorites: photographs of the solar system

Planetary scientists are often found droning on about meteorites, but what makes them so interesting and useful to study? To explain this, we have to understand what a meteorite actually represents to scientists. This can be most easily described by … Continue reading

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Pint of Science and Amazed by Science

Hello, I just wanted to let all our followers know about a couple of events happening later this month: the Pint of Science Festival and Amazed by Science. Pint of Science Explore the hottest scientific topics with world leading experts … Continue reading

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Time for a change…

Hello readers! We’re hard at work at the moment, developing new and exciting posters and event goodies for you- but we want your input! What are the questions that burn in your mind? What areas of planetary science would you … Continue reading

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LPSC coming to an end

It’s the last session on the last day and numbers are dwindling as usual. Just the interested people in each session but the science is still as good as on the first day even though many people have left early … Continue reading

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Chondrules continued

If you remember my old blog from almost two years ago about chondrule formation when you might not be surprised that we had some more of the “entertaining” discussions this morning. The chondrule session was on and they scheduled the … Continue reading

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First talks at LPSC 2014

It is the time of the year again when planetary scientists come together in Houston to discuss their latest findings from meteorites to impact craters, from remote sensing to rover missions. It is the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held … Continue reading

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