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C and N isotopes in presolar grains and stars

Reporting from NIC 2012: Planetary scientists have been analysing stellar dust found in primitive meteorites for around 25 years now. Among the most analysed grains are the SiC grains, which are characterised by their Si, C and N isotope ratios. … Continue reading

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Low energy data gap

Reporting from NIC 2012: Over the last 60 years nuclear physicists have been measuring nuclear reaction cross sections for many nuclides. With time accelerators became bigger and bigger going from MeV to GeV to TeV in energies and they are … Continue reading

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Nuclei in the Cosmos

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Hello from Cairns, Australia, from the Nuclei in the Cosmos conference. The organizers have chosen this spot very well with warm, sunny weather all day, it’s just unfortunate that we are staying in dark, air-conditioned rooms all day…… Besides that … Continue reading

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