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New paper by group members – sampling the mantle in Antarctica

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*article written by Dr. Michael Broadley and Prof. Ray Burgess. The Earth’s mantle makes up more than 80% of the Earth by volume and has controlling influence on the generation of the Earth’s crust, the oceans and the atmosphere. The … Continue reading

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Mantle Plumes: A Giant Nebula Lava Lamp

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In my previous blog post I promised to write an article detailing the chemistry of mantle plumes and rift systems. However before I go into the detailed chemistry of the inner Earth it occurred to me that many of you … Continue reading

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Mantle Xenoliths: A window into the interior of the Earth

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Studying the inside of the Earth is incredibly difficult, the pressure and temperature at these depths means it is unlikely that we will ever collect samples directly from the Earth’s interior. Considering how difficult it is to sample the interior … Continue reading

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