This blog reflects the research interests of the Isotope Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry Group at the University of Manchester.  In our laboratories we study samples from comets, interstellar dust, interplanetary dust, Mars, the moon and asteroids to understand how the Earth and the Solar System were formed, how they evolved and became what we see today.  We study the Earth and its chemistry to understand how it works, its mantle, crust, oceans and how we change it.  We want to share and discuss what we find with everyone.

The blog is for sharing science and what we and other research groups discover as we do science in real time.  Discussion, questioning and enquiry are good, but politics, and opinion that can’t be backed up by published scientific work are strictly off-limits and will be removed.

If you want to follow us on Twitter our hash tag is @EarthSolarSystm

if you want to like and follow us on Facebook our is https://www.facebook.com/earthandsolarsystem/ 

If you wish to reproduce material from this blog (or twitter feed or facebook page) please request our permission in advance (contact us here), and ensure that both the blog and the author of the particular post you are reproducing material from are appropriately credited.


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