50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2019

Several of us are off at the end of this week to the 50th LPSC conference in Houston Texas. This meeting will celebrate 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission returned samples from the Moon, along with research being presented from present day space missions.

The following abstracts will be presented by group members at the meeting:

Bahia R.   Jones M.   Covey-Crump S.   Mitchell N. The Application of Hack’s Law and Flint’s Law to Martian Valley Networks and Its Implications for the Noachian Climate [#1197]

Crowther S. A.   Gilmour J. D.   Ruzicka A. M. Iodine-Xenon Systematics of Large Igneous Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites [#2629]

Lo M.   Wilson L.   Chevrel M. O. The Rheology and Eruption Conditions of Fissure-Fed Lavas Near Jovis Tholus, Mars [#1101]

Smith A.   Hallis L. J.   Nagashima K.   Huss G. R. Hydrogen Isotope Analyses of Apatite in Martian Polymict Breccia Northwest Africa 11522 (Paired with NWA 7034) [#1850]

White L. F.    Cernok A.   Darling J. R.   Whitehouse M.   Joy K. H.   et al. Crystallographic and Chronological Evidence for a Large Basin-Forming Lunar Impact at ~4.33 Ga [#2787]

Halim S. H.   Crawford I. A.   Collins G. S.   Joy K. Survival of Terrestrial Material Impacting the Lunar Surface [#1816]

Morland Z. S.   Joy K. H.   Gholinia A.   Degli-Alessandrini G. Metal in Lunar Meteorite North West Africa 10989:  Insight into Survivability of Impactor Material Delivered to the Moon [#1275]

Morlok A.   Hamann C.   Martin D. J. P.   Joy K. H.   Wogelius R.   et al. Mid-Infrared Investigations of Laser Produced Impact Melt Analogs of Basalt [#2417]

Pernet-Fisher J. F.   Clay P. L.   Burgess R.   Joy K. H. Halogen (Cl, Br, I) Systematics of Lunar Ferroan Anorthosites:  Evidence for Sub-Chondritic Lunar Volatiles [#1402]

Bell S. K.   Hartley M. E.   Joy K. H.   Pernet-Fisher J. F. Crystal Size Distribution Analysis of Apollo 15 Mare Basalts:  New Methods and Some Recommendations [#1789]

Joy K. H.   Evatt G. E.   Smedley A. R. D.   Abrahams I. D.   Peyton A.  et al. The Lost Meteorites of Antarctica Project:  A New UK-Led Antarctic Meteorite Recovery Programme [#1018] 

Tartese R.  Anand M. In the Earth’s Shadow:  Have We Known the Bulk D/H of Indigenous Lunar Water Since Apollo Days? [#1500]

Farrant B. E.   Bell S. K.   Czaplinski E. C.   Harrington E. M.   Tolometti G. D.   et al. Geologic Map and Potential Rover Traverses for Human-Assisted Sample Return Missions to the Schrödinger Basin, Lunar Farside [#1790] 

Farrant B. E.   Holland G.   Jones R. H.   Clay P. L. Behaviour of Chlorine and Argon During Impact Melting of Ordinary Chondrites [#2966]

About Katherine Joy

Hello! I am Katherine Joy. I am part of the University of Manchester Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. More details about my research interests can be found at http://www.seaes.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/profile/?ea=katherine.joy
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