79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society

This weekend several members of the group are Berlin-bound for the 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society. This annual conference attracts researchers from all over the world and covers various aspects of planetary science, but focuses on studies of meteorites and other extra-terrestrial materials.

A number of group members will be presenting their research at the conference, through a mixtures of talks and poster presentations. The abstracts by group members are listed below.

Look out for live tweets from the conference using #MetSoc2016.


Spaghettieis! Image credit: Frank C. Müller, Baden-Baden – Own work, used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Hopefully we’ll find a little spare time to explore Berlin while we’re there. Although I’ve been to Germany a number of times, I’ve never visited Berlin before so I’m looking forward to it. And I’ve been practicing my German: ein Spaghettieis bitte. (Fortunately we’re taking a native with us, so hopefully he’ll be able to help me order something a little more healthy and nutritional than ice cream for every meal!)




Abstracts from the group are:

Clarke, A., Lyon, I.C. & Henkel, T. (2016) Towards a comprehensive analysis of presolar SiC grains: a comparison of in situ, acid residue and gently separated grains. Abstract # 6432.

Crowther, S.A., Theis, K.J., Schönbächler, M. & Gilmour, J.D. (2016) Iodine-xenon chronometry of H chondrites. Abstract # 6370.

Evatt, G.W., Mallinson, A. Joy, K.H., Smedley, A.R.D. & Abrahans, I.D. (2016) Sink or swim: meteorites and the ice sheets. Abstract # 6151.

Gilmour, J.D. & Crowther S.A. (2016) Calibration of the I-Xe system and applications to impact processing rates. Abstract # 6245.

Gilmour, J.D. & Parai, R. (2016) The cosmochemistry of terrestrial xenon. Abstract # 6220.

Henkel, T. & Lyon, I.C. (2016) Extended in-situ search of amino acids in the Murchison meteorite. Abstract # 6437.

Jones, R.H., Brearley, A.J & Lewis J.A. (2016) Bulk fluorine and chlorine contents of chondritic meteorites. Abstract # 6413.

Leitner, J. Hoppe, P., Floss, C. Hillion, F. & Henkel, T. (2016) Correlated nanoscale study of a unique complex Stardust grain. Abstract # 6170.

Lewis, J.A. & Jones, R.H. (2016) Feldspar in the L4 chondrite Saratov: the history and timing of metasomatism. Abstract # 6121.

Lyon, I.C., Clarke, A., Henkel, T., Moore, K.L. & McMahon, G. (2016) Very high spatial resolution isotope and elemental imaging of pre-solar SiC grains: topographic and imaging artefacts that may lead to apparent, but spurious, heterogeneity within grains. Abstract # 6464.



About Sarah Crowther

I'm a Post Doc in the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. I study xenon isotope ratios using the RELAX mass spectrometer, to try to learn more about the origins and evolution of our solar system. I look at a wide range of samples from solar wind returned by NASA's Genesis mission to zircons (some of the oldest known terrestrial rocks), from meteorites to presolar grains.
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