Goldschmidt 2016 conference


Group member Katie Joy giving a talk about lunar samples. Image: R. Tartese

Several group members recently presented their latest research findings at the 2016 Goldschmidt conference. This international meeting attracts researchers from all over the world to present the latest findings from across a wide range of geochemistry disciplines (think water pollution to deep Earth mantle processes to radioactive leak mitigation to planetary science).

We presented our research through a mix of talks and poster presentations, giving us a chance to discuss our findings with others in our field and catch up with old friends and collaborators from across the world.

The meeting was held in held in Yokohama, a coastal city in Japan, just to the south of Tokyo.  It was very hot in Japan compared with Manchester (35C some days)! Being in Japan also gave us with an opportunity to visit the active stratovolcano Mt Fuji after the conference and see for ourselves a spectacular example of terrestrial volcanism.


Yokohama Japan – our conference home for a week. Image: K. Joy


Our group research outputs presented at the meeting include the following topics (where group members are denoted in bold font):

Broadley M., Barry P., Burgess R., Sumino H., Ballentine C. & Taylor L. (2016) Identifying Metasomatic Components within the SCLM Using Halogens and Noble Gases Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #308

Freymuth H., Van Soest M., Skora S. & Elliott T. (2016) Mo Isotope Evidence for Melting of Subducted Sediments beneath the Lesser Antilles Arc Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #850

Clay P.L., McDonald F.E., Joy K. H., Burgess R., Ruziè-Hamilton L., Joachim B. and Ballentine C.J. (2016) Halogen Geochemistry of Lunar RocksGoldschmidt 2016 Abstract #520

Gross J. and Joy K. (2016) The Evolving Lunar Highlands: New Views on Lunar Crust FormationGoldschmidt 2016 Abstract #993

Holland G, Tootell D & Zhou Z  High Precision Noble Gas Analyses Using Isotopx NGX Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #1146

Kagoshima T., Ruzié-Hamilton L., Burgess R., Takahata N. & Sano Y. (2016) Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Budget in Surface Environments Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #1404

Kusiak M., Lyon I., Wirth R., Wilde S., Whitehouse M., Dunkley D., Moore K. & McMahon G. NanoSIMS 207Pb/206Pb Analysis of Metallic Pb Nanospheres in Zircons Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #1646

Joy K., Snape J., Nemchin A., Whitehouse M. & Vishnyakov V. (2016) Impacts in the Lunar Highlands: Shocked Zircon from Apollo 16. Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #1388

O’Driscoll B., Clay P.L., Bonnand P. & Burgess R. Halogens in the Bon Accord Ni-Sulphide Deposit Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #2320

Ruzie L., Chavrit D., Hilton D., Burgess R., Joachim B., Clay P., Sinton J. & Ballentine C. Iodine Budget in the Manus Back-Arc Basin: Implication for the Iodine Cycle in the Earth’s Mantle  Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract #2673

Snape J., Nemchin A., Bellucci J., Whitehouse M., Tartèse R., Barnes J., Anand M., Crawford I. and Joy K. (2016) The Magmatic Evolution of the Moon as Recorded by Pb Isotopes. Goldschmidt 2016 Abstract # 2898


View of Mt Fuji volcano – stratovolcano with its peak in the clouds. Image: K. Joy


About Katherine Joy

Hello! I am Katherine Joy. I am part of the University of Manchester Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. More details about my research interests can be found at
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