What have we learnt from lunar exploration?

There is a new interactive way to explore the Moon!

The European Space Agency (ESA) have gathered a range of lunar scientists and exploration experts from across Europe to talk about what we know about the Moon from exploring with robotic landers, orbiters and astronauts.

You can explore by visiting the new website at http://lunarexploration.esa.int/#/intro

Group member Katherine Joy explains in more detail about what we know about lunar rocks and lunar morphology. You can also find out more about lunar resources, Solar System history and the origin and evolution of the Moon from some of our UK lunar science collaborators Mahesh Anand (Open University), and Louise Alexander and Ian Crawford (Birkbeck College), who are all part of the UK NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) node.

Some Moon facts can be found on the new exploration webpage at http://lunarexploration.esa.int/#/moon-facts  and if you are interested in knowing about what is going on in the Isotope Group with lunar science you can see our recent blog or visit the group research pages.

Apollo 11

Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon, photographed by Neil Armstrong (Credit: NASA)


About Katherine Joy

Hello! I am Katherine Joy. I am part of the University of Manchester Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. More details about my research interests can be found at http://www.seaes.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/profile/?ea=katherine.joy
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