Fireball event seen across Scotland

You may have seen news reports about a meteor event that was witnessed in Scotland on Monday (29th Feb 2016) night at about 6.30 pm. Fireball events such as this represent the entry of a small body (likely an asteroid, but possibly a comet) through the Earth’s atmosphere. At the present time it is not known what sized body caused this event, however, it is unlikely that any pieces of debris made it to the Earth’s surface to survive as a meteorite.

Group Member Dr Sarah Crowther has appeared on the BBC Newsround programme discussing the story

In 2013 there was a famous Russian fireball event called the ‘Chelyabinsk’ impactor which caused extensive damage to buildings in Russia. If you witness a meteor fireball event and have evidence (videos/photos) please do report your observations  to the American Meteor Society so that they can gather scientific data about the event. You can see witness reports from the Scotland event here.




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