UK astrobiology meeting

The Astrobiology Society of Britain is holding its biannual meeting at University College London ( All talks are related to finding life outside Earth or how it formed in the first place.

The subjects of the talks are therefore very widespread from analysing meteorites or planetary analogues to studying life in extreme environments with scientists coming from many different fields like biology, geology, astronomy, cosmochemistry etc.

Collaborating is key for comprehensive analysis of samples and in the UK we have the cosmochemistry analytical network, UKCAN ( And I have just listened to a talk which gave an example of such collaboration where my colleagues have been undertaking Ar-Ar-dating to complement electron microprobe and synchrotron analysis done elsewhere.

My own talk is on tomorrow in which I talk about in-situ measurements of organic material in meteorites for which I used our C60 time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer which is also part of UKCAN.


About Torsten Henkel

I'm a research assistant at the University of Manchester studying mainly presolar grains but also comets and solar wind. I have been heavily involved in building two time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometers in our labs which is my main instrument to analyze samples.
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