Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2015

This week seen scientists from around the world gathering in Houston for the analyser Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

This is the largest conference in the field – as of this morning just over 1700 people had registered. And the seasons cove a wide range of topics from the latest data from space missions to tiny interplanetary dust particles, from the evolution of the Moon to characterising meteorites.

Monday morning kicked off with a very popular session about the Rosetta mission and Philae which landed on comet 67P late last year. At the same time there were also sessions about the Lunar Misson LADEE, Mars and Mercury – a tour of the solar system in just one morning!

I presented my post, about the thermal history of the Rumuruti chondrite parent body last night. And we’re still going strong with seasons about results from the MAVEN mission, presolar, interplanetary and cometary dust, and lunar samples this morning. Mark and Tim will be presenting their posters on Thursday evening: Mark’s is about the RIMSKI mass spectrometer which analyses Krypton isotope ratios,  and Tim’s about characterisation of a Howardite meteorite.

You can keep up to date with the conference by following #LPSC2015 on Twitter.


About Sarah Crowther

I'm a Post Doc in the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group. I study xenon isotope ratios using the RELAX mass spectrometer, to try to learn more about the origins and evolution of our solar system. I look at a wide range of samples from solar wind returned by NASA's Genesis mission to zircons (some of the oldest known terrestrial rocks), from meteorites to presolar grains.
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