LPSC coming to an end

It’s the last session on the last day and numbers are dwindling as usual. Just the interested people in each session but the science is still as good as on the first day even though many people have left early as their subjects are done already.

Today it was all organics for me and how organic material might have contributed to the formation of life. And scientists even agreed with each other when they presented amino acid measurements of “new” CI-chondrite which showed unusual low abundances compared to previous analyses of other CI-chondrites. The explanation is thermal alteration and that those two newer meteorites experienced much higher temperatures (up to 600 degrees compared to only 150 degrees for the older ones) which destroys amino acids. These amino acids can clearly be recognised as extra-terrestrial by the carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios as well as the nearly equal levels of left- and right-handed version. Life on Earth only uses the left-handed version which excludes terrestrial contamination.

So with the last talks running, we are all looking forward to some relaxing beers this evening before saying good-bye until the next conference where it will start all over again…..


About Torsten Henkel

I'm a research assistant at the University of Manchester studying mainly presolar grains but also comets and solar wind. I have been heavily involved in building two time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometers in our labs which is my main instrument to analyze samples.
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