75th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting

Hello from Cairns (again). This week we are attending the Meteoritical Society meeting. The meeting is the one place to be if you are studying meteorites or anything closely related. The subjects of the 21 oral sessions include presolar grains, early solar system, interplanetary dust, parent bodies, impact cratering, the Moon and Mars.

Meeting Logo

Additional to the oral sessions there are two poster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday night as well as a trip into the rainforest on Wednesday afternoon with the conference dinner held at the rainforestation. Something a bit different from the usual conference dinners which always have been quite formal at the Meteoritical Society meeting but probably will have an Australian touch to it this years.

We are here with four members of our research group presenting work on organic analogues for the Stardust mission, Ti isotopes in the early solar system, Pd/Ag isotopes in parent body processes, noble gas chronology of meteorites and comprehensive studies of interplanetary dust.

PS: The convention centre already proofed to be an excellent meeting place during last week’s NIC meeting and can only be recommended.

Photo credit to the Cairns Convention Centre


About Torsten Henkel

I'm a research assistant at the University of Manchester studying mainly presolar grains but also comets and solar wind. I have been heavily involved in building two time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometers in our labs which is my main instrument to analyze samples.
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