Volcano Day at Manchester Museum

The human volcano!

Members of SEAES participated in the ‘Volcano Day’ at the Manchester Museum this past Saturday, demonstrating many different aspects or volcanism from earthquakes and explosivity to mineralogy and volcanic rocks from around the world. Many other events were also on offer, including volcano building and crafts. At our ‘create your own earthquake’ station, children jumped around and watched the seismic reading on our seismograph. Parents and children alike enjoyed the variety of volcanic rocks on display, including basalts from Antarctica, obsidian from Iceland, pumices and rare mantle xenoliths. We had numerous questions following on from BBC’s 4 day ‘Volcano Live’ program. Thankfully, I went the whole day without one person asking me to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull!

Ray and Mandy demonstrate explosive eruptions with a liquid nitrogen volcano!

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1 Response to Volcano Day at Manchester Museum

  1. David Gelsthorpe says:

    Thanks for all your help, looks like you all had fun!


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