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Meteorites: photographs of the solar system

Planetary scientists are often found droning on about meteorites, but what makes them so interesting and useful to study? To explain this, we have to understand what a meteorite actually represents to scientists. This can be most easily described by … Continue reading

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Pint of Science and Amazed by Science

Hello, I just wanted to let all our followers know about a couple of events happening later this month: the Pint of Science Festival and Amazed by Science. Pint of Science Explore the hottest scientific topics with world leading experts … Continue reading

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UK Planetary Forum, Early Career Scientists’ Annual Meeting

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Friday 17th January 2014 saw the 11th Early Career Scientists’ annual meeting take place at the Open University in Milton Keynes. The free event was expertly organised by the committee of the UK Planetary Forum and there was an extensive … Continue reading

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Manchester Science Festival 2013

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The last week in October saw large parts of Manchester taken over by the 7th Manchester Science Festival. With a huge range of activities taking place in and around the city over 11 days, this year’s festival was bigger and … Continue reading

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Live From Jodrell Bank – Transmissions 4 and 5

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As well as the first heat wave of the year, this weekend saw the first of this year’s Live from Jodrell Bank shows. Australian Pink Floyd headlined Transmission 4 on Saturday, followed by New Order headlining Transmission 5 on Sunday. … Continue reading

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outReaching the new generation of planetary scientists

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Hello readers!! This past month Sarah, Mark and myself have had the pleasure of being involved in two secondary school visits to SEAES, both year 8 classes. Now I say pleasure but being both mine and Marks first school visits, … Continue reading

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Halogens within the Earth and Solar System

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Halogens have been a widely underutilized geochemical tool. Only now are we seeing the potential that halogens have to answer deep unresolved questions like How did they Earth form from meteorites? And how does the Earths volatiles get transported and stored. The … Continue reading

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I’ve just seen something in the sky! What do I call it?!

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Naming Your Near Earth Object Sighting! Many of the recent Russian meteorite related comments being banded round by the media and things like twitter that are just plain wrong, I though I’d post a … Continue reading

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Did we really land on the Moon? What the rocks tell us…

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This has been a controversial topic ever since Neil Armstrong took those famous first steps on the Moon back in 1969. Now rather than discuss the conspiracy and ‘hoax’ theories that are always put out there I figured I’d go … Continue reading

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Weekly News Round-Up 24.01.13

Hello readers! Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Round-up, a collection of the most interesting news articles our research group has been reading this week. To give a bit more information about how we are planning on running this segment … Continue reading

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